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Crofarm, Ag-Tech Firm Ties Up With 2000 Maharashtra and Karnataka Farmers.

To help farmers receive better value for their produce and to improve their quality of work and life, Agriculture technology start-up Crofarm has tied up with over 2,200 farmers across Karnataka and Maharashtra. Company says that, it takes its total tally of partner farmers to 14,000 with the new relationship.

Crofarm said, the focus of Crofarm is to reduce wastage, offer better value to farmers, help them drive sales and ensure that businesses get the best deals. Farmers circumvent unorganised money-lending and the bureaucratic loops of Agriculture Produce Market Committees by providing farmers with the facility to directly negotiate with the market.

Crofarm has associated with 1,200 farmers from Mumbai and 1,000 farmers from Bengaluru, incepted in May 2016.

Co-founder, CEO and spokesperson Crofarm, Varun Khurana said "Farmers are the fulcrum of the agriculture sector and it is very important to work directly with them. Better lifestyles, prices that match their hard work and the conveyance of the best produce to consumers' neighbouring stores, these are just a few of the benefits this partnership generates."

In order to generate better trade relations between farmers, businesses and consumers, Crofarm focuses on streamlining the functioning of the unorganised agriculture segment. It is already working on supplying high-quality produce to retailers across Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, and Bengaluru. Crofarm has offices in Mumbai and Bengaluru and to broaden its base they will also be opening regional offices in Hyderabad, Odisha and Jaipur, among others.

As per the release, it has expanded its portfolio of products and the brand is also planning to offer exotic vegetables such iceberg lettuce, broccoli and red and yellow bell peppers.

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