Ag Tech Events: The 2016 Ag Innovation Showcase in St. Louis, MO

Event Name: Ag Innovation Showcase

Place: St. Louis, MO

Date: September 12-14, 2016

Seven years ago the Larta institute saw a need to establish a gathering of innovators, investors, and others in the ag-tech space.

The Larta Institute are proud to report that since that time the Ag Innovation Showcase has established a loyal following and community.

Beginning with the first Ag Innovation Showcase in 2009, Larta have featured panels and presentations that address important topics including the development of biofuels and biomaterials, advances in biotechnology, progress in animal health, and, more recently the great changes facing the future of agriculture and the role of biotechnology in agriculture.

The Larta Institute is now accepting applications for the 2016 Ag Innovation Showcase. Applications are due by May 15 and the selected presenters will be announced in early June.

Register to Apply-
Cutting edge start-ups and research projects across Ag-bio, renewable energy, sustainable materials, food production, animal health and farming technologies are invited at the 2016 Ag Innovation Showcase in St. Louis, MO, Sept 12-14, 2016 to apply to present their business / technology.

There are limited spots available to present at one of the Ag industry’s most exclusive events. You will be notified of your participation status in June. For more information, visit

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