Farmers are Attracted Towards Innovative Technology at Agro Tech 2016

Chandigarh: The backbone of the Indian economy is Agriculture and without a fairly steady agricultural development it cannot function effectively and efficiently. To boost the agriculture sector in the country, at this year’s CII Agro Tech 2016, latest technologies were displayed and launched in a bid.

At the fest, seeking solace from the mundane agricultural processes, the young farmers invested in technological innovations. A platform for farmers to pick and choose from a wide array of farm equipment related to the health of the soil, choice of crops to be grown and dairy farm management in the advent of latest technology is provided by CII Agro Tech 2016.

“Considering the extent of seed wastage in India, we have come up with the National Pneumatic Planter Machine that guarantees optimum seed to soil contact which ensures proper germination thereby, saving scarce and costly labour. This will definitely help in enhancing the profit levels of the rural farmers,” said Gurpreet Singh, representing National Agro Industries. Various new machines at the exposition are launched by National Agro Industries.

The interface of government has helped farmers rise above the conventional crop cycle and diversify into other profitable crops. At the CII Agro Tech 2016, more than 60 products made by farmers were on display such as the honey and pickle, turmeric and the Aloe Vera Gel.

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