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Cloud Based Aquaculture Pond Management Solution

Eruvaka Technologies based in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, they helps farmers in problems due to unavailability of adequate technology to measure and control water health.
Their product help farmers to monitor aquaculture ponds, develops solar-powered flouting buoys which measure different water parameters, such as pH range, oxygen levels and temperature, crucial for the growth and survival of fish and shrimp.

After collecting the information it is uploaded on the cloud and transmitted to individual customers through an Android app, SMS, voice call or the internet. Farmers can also remotely control automated equipment such as aerators and feeders.

PondGuard: Voice Call Alert: Voice call alert in case of low DO levels helps farmers to avoid shrimp mortalities.

Real Time Monitoring: Real time monitoring of DO, pH helps farmers to analyse the pond dynamics and take preventive actions.

Automatic Control: Automatic control of aerators based on DO levels reduces energy bills by 20%.

Pond Protection: Safeguards your ponds and protects your investments from going in vain.

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