Dairy Technology Updates

New Australian Dairy Operation Announced

To showcase Israeli agricultural technology and provide a testing ground for Australian entrepreneurs and researchers, the New South Wales Riverina will host a new dairy operation designed.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said, "While in Australia, Prime Minister Netanyahu and I will... announce a declaration of intent to create a fully operational and commercial farm around Wagga Wagga. The new facilities will provide Australian farmers with an opportunity to benefit from world-leading Israeli dairy and agricultural technology."

The farm, in Wagga Wagga, will be administrated by Sydney-based investment services firm Blue River Group and be called Project Bridge.

In a statement, Blue River Group's co-CEOs Grant Fuzi and Craig Shapiro said Project Bridge fit with their firm's "ethos of developing projects that generate commercial returns but equally achieve positive and measurable social or environmental outcomes".

In 2016, Blue River Group purchased Riverina Fresh from Fonterra. Mr Fuzi said in a statement, "We believe that access to the benefits of new technologies and ideas will encourage the next generation of farming families to remain on the land."

It is hoped the farm will foster more open lines of communication and collaboration between Australian dairy farmers and researchers, and their counterparts in Israel. Blue River Group hope to deliver project in the next 12 months and currently they are looking for partners to join in the project.

Source: http://www.abc.net.au/

MetaboMet : Dairy Animal Nutrition

Research shows early lactation cows produce high levels of milk and milk protein when the balance of essential amino acids to the small intestine is improved. Balancing for amino acids, now an industry standard, increases milk production and improves protein and fat component percentages. In addition, amino acids can impact productivity by affecting metabolism and immune function.

The challenge today is in reaching target levels of Lysine and Methionine, identified as the two most limiting amino acids in dairy cows. With the success of our rumen protected lysine product, MetaboLys®, it was clear we need an effective rumen protected methionine product that could work as effectively for our customers.

Like MetaboLys®, which delivers 225 grams of metabolizable Lysine, it is the amount of the amino acid that is available in the small intestine that impacts milk production and milk components. That's where we focus our data and research.

Source : http://hjbaker.com/