Poultry Nutrition

Development of Chemical-Free Supplemental Feed for Native Chickens

Formulation of supplemental feeds that will help maintain and provide its nutrient requirements is needed because of considering the demand for native chicken. Commercially available feeds to native chicken as supplemental ration is an expensive.

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AgTech: Cargill Launched Biacid Nucleus additive for Poultry Gut Health

Cargill’s animal nutrition introduced Promote Biacid Nucleus in China for poultry producers seeking better gut health and performance from their chickens. Part of the Promote range of additives offered through the Provimi brand, Biacid Nucleus is an extension of the Biacid product line, which was designed to promote robust feed efficiency in poultry through improved gut functionality.

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AgTech: INNO-GRO Pack of Micronutrient for Poultry Nutrition

NNO-GRO+ is Multi Micronutrients and Amino acids with multiple ionic bonds for better absorption and utilization for enzymatic reactions to enhance hormonal balance.

Product Details:
- Works as precursor for metabolic processes & improves absorption of nutrients & micro nutrients from fodder, feed etc

- Provides Calcium, Phosphorus, Sodium, Potassium, Manganese, Magnesium, Zinc & Iron in organic chelated forms

- 16 amino acids for improved protein synthesis

- Removes hormonal imbalance in 2-3 weeks time

- Enhances metabolic rate for better health & better immunity

- Formulated using the ingredients approved under Community Register of Feed Additives by the European Union

- Saves Investment in cattle by improving fertility & farm economics

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