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Nutreco Feed Tech Challenge 2020

Theme: Alternative proteins for food, Aquaculture and Livestock farming.

Nutreco invites promising start-ups to take part in the Nutreco Feed&Food Tech Challenge. Submit your solution and seize the opportunity to connect with industry experts, scientists and other start-ups.

Submit your solution, connect with industry experts, scientists and other start-ups and compete for a scientific validation trial.

From 24 January to 20 March the platform is open. Any team can submit its ideas and entries are open for comments, discussions and contributions from others.

After 20 March, a scientific committee selects fifteen entries that will participate in the Nutreco Feed Tech Challenge Event.

11 -13 May the Nutreco Feed Tech Challenge Event takes place: An event to pitch and network with other startups, scientific experts, strategic partners, and investors.

13 May the jury selects the winner who wins a scientific validation trial. The top 3 will get free tickets to F&A next [13-14 May in the Netherlands]

Creativity and entrepreneurial thinking are essential to developing new solutions. To tap into the latest ideas of today’s bright minds, we are initiating a new way to kick-start innovation: the Nutreco Feed Tech Challenge.

The Nutreco Feed Tech Challenge is a unique opportunity to connect with other start-ups, industry experts and scientists, and ultimately with farmers and the rest of the world.

Enter Nutreco’s innovation breeding ground
The Nutreco Feed Tech Challenge is our ‘greenhouse & pressure cooker’ environment. It´s a place where we identify and enrich promising new solutions which are in a pilot or proof-of-concept phase. This is where Nutreco is putting the spotlight on new interesting technologies, that deserve to be validated and taken to a next phase.

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