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NETBEAT™ - The first irrigation system with a brain

NetBeat™ is the first digital solution to enable automated irrigation, fertigation and crop protection. Combining everything into one closed-loop platform, NetBeat™ lets easily monitor, analyze and control irrigation from anywhere, any time.

NetBeat™ provides farmers with real-time recommendations based on data pertaining to plant, soil and weather conditions obtained from both sensors in the field and external sources. This data is analyzed in the cloud, according to proprietary Dynamic Crop Models, developed by Netafim based on 50 years of unique experience and research in the field of agronomy and hydraulics.

1. Monitor: Get real-time insights on soil moisture, crop status, and weather conditions in the palm of hands.
2. Control: Take control of entire farm with durable irrigation controllers and easy-to-use mobile and cloud applications.
3. Fertigation: Deliver precisely the right amounts of water and fertilizer to grow healthy, timely yields – and lower the costs.
Multi-Channel Injection – Automated
Single-Channel Injection - Manual

Analysis & decision support
- Dynamic Crop Models™
Get real time recommendations rich with over 50 years of agricultural and hydraulic knowledge.
Intelligent Dynamic Crop Models™ follow crop stages and generate daily irrigation strategies personalized to field, so can grow more with less.

- Advanced Cloud Technology
NetBeat™ is a cloud-based software accessible through smartphone, allowing third-party data integration, remote access, support and updates.

- Farmer-Centric Interface
The NetBeat™ interface was designed and developed with farmers in mind. Farmer can be sure to cover all bases from wherever they are with simple and user-friendly platform.

From the advanced corporate farms to smallholders, NetBeat™ has a solution to fit the needs of any farmer, anywhere. NetBeat™ is a modular solution that accommodates different budgets and skills.


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