AgTech: Fulmega 1% Mg by Bioflora

A magnesium and sulphur supplement composed of nanomolecules which increase soil flocculation.

Physical & chemical characteristics

Boiling Point, degrees F: 21$° 1 AMT

Specific Gravity (H2O=1): 1.$1

Avg. Weight per Gallon: 8.6 lb

Vapor Pressure (mm hg): 17 mm @ 68º F

Solubility in water: Completely soluble

Reactivity in water: N/A

Appearance and odor: Light tan liquid; mild odor

Avg. pH: 3.6

Special precautions & spill/leak procedures

Precautions for handling & storage: Rotate before use. In case of accidental exposure flush with water.

Keep out of direct sunlight

Other precautions: Area of spill may become slippery; product will stain skin, clothes, concrete and wood.

Steps for released or spilled: No special requirements known.

Waste disposal methods: Dispose of material in accordance with all local state and federal laws and regulations; no special requirement known.

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