AgTech: Micronutrient Fertilizer Zinc From Haifa

Haifa Micro Zn-EDTA (14% Zn)

Haifa Micro EDTA Zn 14% is a stable, water-soluble and non dusting zinc EDTA chelate.

Application:For foliar, side, top dressing and for Hydroponic.

Appearance: White microgranules.

pH (1% solution): 5-7.

pH Stability range: 2-10.

Solubility in water: approx. 100 g/l (20 °C).

Bulk density untapped: approx. 800 - 1000 kg/m3.

Storage: Store in original package in a dry place at ambient temperature (below 25°C). It is advised to re-test after three years of storage. Exposure to sunlight may cause degradation of the product.


Nutra Phos CalZinc- Zinc Fertilizer

Nutra Phos Calzinc is a fully formulated wettable powder formulation containing nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium and zinc.

A wettable powder formulation gives a higher concentration than a liquid meaning lower application rates, less product to handle and store, less packs to recycle. Wettable powders also have a reduced the tendency to cake compared to soluble powders, while also allowing for greater flexibility of nutrient mix in the formulation.

A controlled particle size gives quick uptake and long lasting effect. This reduces the need for repeat applications saving both time and money.

A broad tankmixability makes it easy to co-apply the products with agrochemicals, saving both time and money. Just as important, free access to Tankmix information online or via smart phones makes it quick and easy to check whether products can be co-applied.

Source : Crop Nutrition