AgTech: FieldView app for farmers by Precision Planting

FieldView is iPad-based and easily updated. New features and capabilities are consistently released and instantly available on your device — this product doesn't get the chance to become outdated.

FieldView is designed for broad compatibility and all of our products are purpose-built for integration. Once you're in, you're in.

FieldView shows you exactly what you're planting, how you're planting, as you're planting it, in high definition.

Pick out patterns that would be impossible to identify with data alone.

Suddenly, detailed data is now accessible and actionable with maps and simple reports.

See patterns in your field that you couldn't see with raw data alone.

FieldView's reports bring relevancy to all the summaries you see.

Prioritize items you want to look through, in simple reports that bring clarity to planter data. Diagnose planter issues while in the field - and fix them.

Text alerts let you know when something goes wrong, but you define what wrong is. Singulation below 98%? Speed over 8 MPH? Even when you aren't in the cab, you'll know when a threshold is crossed.

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