AgTech: Farm and Agriculture Management

Software delivers flexible mobile solutions to streamline farm and agriculture management :

- Capture remote activities in real-time

- Improve the accuracy of data collected in the field

- Reduce paperwork and administrative overhead

- Include workflow to support full business processes

- Incorporate pictures, GPS and signatures

- Make information available when and where needed

Work orders

Keep better track of billable activities with electronic work orders. Push work orders to employees in the field or have them create their own on their smartphone or tablet.

Sales Management

Manage your product and service sales quotations, invoices and contracts with Flowfinity. Create forms with on-device calculations to generate quotations and invoices automatically, drive more sales and get paid faster.

Pickup and Delivery

Schedule and record pickups and deliveries with mobile forms and workflows. Capture relevant information on your mobile device such as the shipment, quantity, employee, customer, and signatures. Set up automatic email notifications when products have been picked up or delivered to keep stakeholders in the loop.

Crop Management

Record full crop history including crop yield and estimates, weather or environmental conditions, chemical applications, product quality, harvest, and more. With Flowfinity mobile forms, you can create drop-down menus for things such as weather conditions for more standardized form entries.

Fleet Management

Track the location, maintenance schedule, and usage of your agricultural equipment. Keep a detailed inventory of manufacturer, type, schedule, etc. that employees can update or access from wherever they are.

Mobile Data Collection

Eliminate the time needed to record, deliver and then read and transcribe handwritten paper forms. With Flowfinity, you can customize as many mobile forms as needed to replace your paper forms. Flowfinity mobile forms work online or offline without network coverage, and can be used seamlessly on different smartphones and tablets.

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