Irrigate-IQ Precision Irrigation Solution

An excellent seed coating option for alfalfa producers is GroZone® plus Advanced Coating® Zn 34% (CV). This uniform and dust-free seed treatment provides an ideal micro-environment for stimulating germination and vigorous growth in young seedlings. This aids in producing strong and healthy seedlings for high yielding alfalfa stands. The seed coating helps pull moisture from the soil, promoting faster and even stand establishment. This coating, which is available on conventional or Genuity® Roundup Ready® alfalfa, consists of four important components.

In total, these stand protection components represent 34% by weight:

- Nitrogen-fixing rhizobium bacteria

- Micronutrient package provides zinc and manganese.

- Apron XL® fungicide helps protect each seeding during establishment.

- Ascend® growth stimulant helps jumpstart each seedling.

Field comparison of alfalfa stand establishment using GroZone® plus Advanced Coating® ZN 34% (CV) versus standard treated seed.

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