SeedSense : Precision Seeding Solutions

In today's farming climate where commodity prices fluctuate, input costs are higher and land values are ever increasing you need everything in your favour to keep the wheels turning, that's where the 20/20 SeedSense monitor becomes invaluable. Unlike the planter monitors in most tractor cabs at the moment which deliver sanitized data and tell you that if you have 5% skips and 5% double you are doing 100% job. That's just not telling you the truth.

A skipped seed is a piece of your valuable land that has not been giving the opportunity to produce valuable grain you are growing. After all, if you have spent the time and money to fallow fertilise and properly prepare your land you need a planting monitor that will tell you whether you have 5% of your ground without seed in it.

The 20/20 SeedSense gives you the information you need to make the changes on the spot so you know that your seed will emerge the instant you put them in the ground. This monitor will give you:

More information than any other monitor while being easier to use

You need this monitor in your tractor so you can diagnose problems and fix them on the spot

The 20/20 SeedSense will give you the information to:

- Maximise planting speed by monitoring row unit ride

- Monitor singulation/spacing row by row to achieve a perfect job

- Create high definition maps of seed placement not as they come out of the meter but as seeds are precisely placed in the ground

- Measure down force on your gauge wheels and remove costly compaction on you seed trench

Think back to when you last had your planter in the field how did you set your down force pressure on the row units? Did you have enough row unit pressure to achieve the desired depth? Did you know whether your meter was performing to it's peak accuracy? How did you know whether you were planting to maximise speed while still having perfectly adapted to changing ground conditions?

The 20/20 SeedSense will give you the information to set all these parameters and move by the time you have done your first pass in the field. You will know that you are doing the best job you can to make you seeds come out of the ground, to put the money back in your pocket at harvest time.

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