AgTech: Plant Biotech Start-up Speeds Propagation

Dr. Don Stewart, President and CEO of Plant Form Corporation, will explain how the company's plant-based manufacturing platform will dramatically cut biopharmaceutical production costs, in a panel presentation May 1 at the sixth annual Global Ag Investing 2014 conference in New York City. The panel, which will discuss opportunities and challenges for emerging agricultural technology businesses, is part of the GAI AgTech

Investment Summit.

"Our technology uses tobacco plants to 'grow' antibody drugs for the treatment of cancer and other devastating diseases," Stewart said. "Monoclonal antibodies are the most complex molecules to produce as drugs, and current industry-standard manufacturing methods are highly expensive. Our plant technology will disrupt the status quo biopharmaceutical manufacturing model, significantly reducing drug manufacturing costs and increasing patient access to important medications."

Plant Form's technology features a unique high-expression production system and the ability to produce fully human versions of biologic drugs from plants – two critical innovations that give the company a competitive edge over its big pharma and biotech competitors, Stewart said.

Plant Form Corporation's pipeline includes three bio similar (generic) monoclonal antibodies for cancer, six innovator antibodies for HIV/AIDS, and a novel protein drug designed to protect against nerve agent exposure. Projected revenue is more than $120 million by 2017.

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