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M&M Introduces DiGiSENSE Technology in Tractors

Mahindra and Mahindra has introduced DiGiSENSE, a connected vehicle technology solution in its tractor brand Arjun Novo, aimed to enhance farm productivity.

- Farmers can now do a live tractor tracking, while remote diagnostics and reports will enable to monitor the tractor's health and productivity parameters.

- DiGiSENSE is a technology platform enabled by a Telematics device installed in the tractor.

- Data is sent from the device to the Mahindra server via mobile network. The same data is processed and sent back to the customer on his mobile app and web-application on laptop/computer in real time, thereby allowing the customer to access important information and benefit from it.

- With this technology farmer can now secure their tractors in the area defined by them on a Google map.

- The farmer will receive an alert when the tractor drives out of the fenced area and also he will be informed when the tractor drives inside the fenced area.

- hese are SMS and notifications about critical parameters of tractors which allows customers to monitor and take corrective actions such as low fuel alert, battery not charging, clutch override, high engine temperature, air filter clog and high engine rpm alert.

DiGiSENSE, will be available in 57HP 605DI-i Arjun Novo will empower tractor owners to access vital information about their tractors remotely, on a real time basis.

Ravindra Shahane, Vice President (Marketing Farm Division), Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd. said, "With the introduction of DiGiSENSE, we have become the first Indian OEM to introduce a connected vehicle technology in our tractor Arjun Novo, for the utmost convenience of our customers. This will further revolutionise the way our farmers will interact with their Mahindra tractors, leading to higher productivity and prosperity,".


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