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B Corp Certification: Naïo Continues its Ecological Commitment

25th January 2024- The evolution of companies towards more responsible and sustainable practices has become a major priority in a global context focused on environmental preservation and social responsibility. At the heart of this transformation, B Corp certification is emerging as a distinctive label, bringing together shareholders, entrepreneurs, boards and organizations around a shared commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. This certification is based on rigorous criteria, assessed through in-depth interviews and audits, covering areas such as corporate governance, environmental performance, fair wages, transparency and many others. By joining this global network, Naïo is demonstrating its commitment to more inclusive, fair and regenerative farming practices, at the service of farmers.

The international community of B Corp companies
B Corp certification, awarded by the B Lab association, testifies to customers and partners of the French leader in agricultural robotics’ concrete commitment to more sustainable agriculture. B Lab assesses the end-to-end impact of a company’s activities, looking at how its operations affect employees, customers and the environment. Naïo achieved an impact score of 81.3, compared with the median score of 50.9 for the companies evaluated. Naïo joins more than 6,000 other B Corp-certified companies in nearly 90 countries.

Aymeric Barthes, co-founder of Naïo Technologies, confirms that obtaining B Corp certification enables the company to maintain its initial trajectory by reinforcing its ecological and societal commitment. He adds that “Naïo was created with the aim of contributing to the transition of agriculture towards greater sustainability and resilience“. The French company has developed a range of 100% electric, CE-certified and autonomous robots. Since its creation, nearly 2,000 tonnes of CO2 have been saved by the use of its robots.

Making sustainable agriculture a global reality
In addition to this new certification, Naïo acquired the status of a company with a mission in September 2022, whose raison d’être is “to make sustainable agriculture a global reality”. Naïo is also one of the first 5 French companies to reach the Climate Dividends verification and technical validation stage for its Ted robot. Climate Dividends are an extra-financial indicator, validated by an independent body, that represents the positive climate impact generated by a company. They guarantee customers the carbon savings achieved by purchasing a Naïo robot. For example, 62 tonnes of CO2 equivalent are saved over 5 years by weeding a vineyard with Ted rather than with a combustion engine tractor.

All Naïo robots are designed and assembled in France. The company has set up the shortest possible production circuit to minimize its carbon footprint. Each year, it works with an independent organization to draw up a carbon balance of its direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions (scopes 1, 2 and 3).

Naïo robots come with a 5-year warranty!
Founded in 2011 and at the origin of the International Forum of Agricultural Robotics (FIRA), Naïo is now the world leader in the sector with a range of 4 robots present on 5 continents. Naïo designs innovative autonomous electric robots to help growers meet the challenges of Agriculture 4.0. By letting robots take care of certain tasks such as sowing or weeding, farmers can concentrate on higher value-added tasks. Robots also reduce the use of phytosanitary products, thanks to mechanical weeding, guarantee minimal soil compaction, lighten the workload and make up for labor shortages. As proof of their reliability, all Naïo robots come with a 5-year warranty.

B Corp-certified companies embody a bold movement that goes beyond mere profits, placing responsibility at the heart of their operations. In this way, certification becomes a powerful tool, not only to assess and improve corporate performance, but also to catalyze positive change across diverse sectors and initiatives, shaping a future where corporate success is measured not just in terms of profits, but also in terms of positive impact around the world.