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Tree Hog irrigation system cuts water usage by up to 70%

Tree Hog can cut an orchard’s water consumption by up to 70%, with minimum savings starting at 50%, says its inventor Louis Loubser, a farmer in Robertson in the Western Cape.

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NASRDA launches Automated Irrigation System to increase crop yield

The National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA) says its Automated Irrigation System would make farming more attractive to young people and help farmers to cultivate all year round.

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NETBEAT™ - The first irrigation system with a brain

NetBeat™ is the first digital solution to enable automated irrigation, fertigation and crop protection.

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Condensation and renewable energy to irrigate crops

The company will be launching an Internet of Things (IoT) irrigation system that will use minimal water in the agriculture fields.

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Guntur seed firm to launch unique irrigation technology

The company will be launching an Internet of Things (IoT) irrigation system that will use minimal water in the agriculture fields.

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World’s Largest Drip Irrigation Project Designed & Built by Jain Irrigation

World’s Largest Integrated Fully Automated Drip Irrigation Project Constructed by Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. Jalgaon, at Ramthal ( Marol) in Karnataka is inaugurated

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AT&T Connectivity in Smart Irrigation Solution

WaterBit and AT&T* are making automated irrigation easier for growers.

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New irrigation technique launched in Tamil Nadu

Planting of saplings to test and demonstrate a new irrigation technique was launched in Vellore district.

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Leaf sensors for tell farmers when to activate their irrigation systems

Plant-based sensors that measure the thickness and electrical capacitance of leaves show great promise for telling farmers when to activate their irrigation systems, preventing both water waste and parched plants, according to researchers in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences.

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New Israel Irrigation Technology - Real-time alert on the actual water needs of plants

PM Narendra Modi's Israel farm visit there would be the arid country's efforts to take the concept of irrigation to a new level by developing a unique artificial intelligence system.

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Jain Irrigation Systems Acquires Observant Technology

Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd, has acquired the technology and core team of Australian Observant Pty Ltd, which is a world leader in providing in-field hardware and cloud based applications for precision farm water management.

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AgTech: Crop Irrigation by Using Leafmon Technology

LeafMon allows growers to base irrigation decisions on a measure of plant hydration. Traditionally, growers irrigated on a schedule. More recently soil moisture sensors have enabled growers to irrigate only when the ground is dry. Now, LeafMon technology collects and analyzes new sensor data growers can use to base irrigation decisions on plant conditions. This technology will substantially reduce water use and permit the grower to maintain their plants in near ideal conditions that maximize crop quality and yield. LeafMon has been designed with the ultimate goal of empowering farmers to manage irrigation on a plant by plant basis for the most economic use of their available water resource.

AquaMon Leaf Monitor used in LeafMon Technology that Replaces Pressure Bomb for Measuring Modified Crop Water Stress Index. LeafMon calculates the Crop Water Stress Index (CWSI) using a set of formulas on environmental variables.

Combining LeafMon with the Cermetek’s AquaMon Internet agricultural water management and control system provides grower access to the plant health information on the company’s web server from any tablet, laptop, or smartphone.

Advantages of using LeafMon technology:
- Leaf under test remains live on the tree
- Leaf sensor mounts harmlessly to tree branch
- Leaf sensor can be moved or removed at any time
- Eliminates trips to the field to test leaves
- Permits constant monitoring of crop stress
- Provides immediate results

Source : Cermetek Microelectronics

AgTech: Control Irrigation through Mobile Phone via PivotProxy

Netirrigate launched new PivotProxy mobile app with hardware for controlling farm or field irrigation through your phone (Android or Iphone). PivotProxy hardware connected to mobile app makes irrigation easy. Important features:

- Receive alerts when your pivot’s safety circuit opens or when it stops walking.

- Technology detects for span cable cuts without external power requirements.

- Know where your pivot is via our free mobile app or web site.

- Receive alerts when your pivot’s safety circuit opens or when it stops walking.

- Program alerts to let your know where your pivot is on the field or have it automatically shutdown at predefined headings.

- Set a specific point in time for your pivot to automatically shut off. No need to drive to the field at a specific time.

- Take the guess work out of coverage and be proactively alerted of poor cellular signals within your field.

Additional features include:
- Works seamlessly on all brands of pivots

- Available for both CDMA (Verizon) and GSM (AT&T / T-Mobile) networks

- No monthly or annual subscription fees. Service fees included in hardware price

This app is available on Android and ITunes.

Source: Netirrigate

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