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Impact First Investments Invests in Catalyst AgTech

Impact First Investments (IFI) announced an investment in Catalyst AgTech, an Israeli company developing technology that minimizes the environmental impact of agrochemical products. Company's solution solves the conflict between the impact those chemicals have on the environment and the growing demand for pesticide use.

Catalyst AgTech's technology can be applied to more than 40% of active agrochemical ingredients, including major products for controlling weeds, fungi and pests, enabling farmers to continue using the most effective agrochemicals without damaging the environment.

Impact First Investments (IFI) is the first Israeli investment firm that exclusively invests in viable and socially driven high tech companies. Its core competencies include creating stakeholder value for underserved populations, sourcing/screening impact-first ventures that will achieve both social and capital gains, active management of technology-based impact-first investments, and assisting social-tech entrepreneurs with clarifying their social mission, Shalom Nachshon, Co-Founder and CEO of Catalyst AgTech said "This strategic partnership with IFI will allow Catalyst AgTech to expand our R&D activities and accelerate our time to market. Our solutions present a completely new approach to preventing agrochemical contamination, enabling the use of highly efficient, proven agrochemical while significantly reducing their environmental impact."

Cecile Blilious, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of IFI said "As the need for technologies that enable farmers to continue using effective, field-proven products in a way that minimizes the negative impact on the environment continues to increase, demand for products such as those being developed by Catalyst Agtech will dramatically rise. We look forward to working with Shalom and his team to help bring their technology to market as quickly as possible."

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