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TitletownTech Invests in Early-Stage-Company Bringing Growers, Plant Breeders, and Data Together

June 2020, Green Bay, Wisconsin – TitletownTech today announced their investment in SeedLinked, an ag-tech crowdsourced data platform which cultivates transparent relationships between regional plant growers and seed companies, and ultimately strengthens biodiversity in agro-ecosystems.

“SeedLinked combines accessible smartphone technology with innovative data analytics to create a tool anyone can use to track, share, and learn about regional seed and variety performance,” said Dr. Nicolas Enjalbert, Founder and CEO of SeedLinked. “Our partnership with TitletownTech allows us to accelerate our mission.”

Dr. Enjalbert’s expertise in plant breeding and data architecture led to the creation of the company in 2018. Dr. Enjalbert and his team, in partnership with Seed Savers Exchange, the Organic Seed Alliance, and the University of Wisconsin, completed a successful pilot run in 2019 to test their crowdsourced model.

“SeedLinked’s pilot success demonstrates clear win-win-win potential for seed companies, growers, and the environment,” said Neil Mix, Partner at TitletownTech. “We’re excited by the opportunity for the company to commercialize its products.”

SeedLinked increases market access for small and independent seed companies, improves efficiency for large companies, and promotes data transparency for farmers and plant breeders alike.

Prior to SeedLinked, plant growers have had to rely on limited sources of information, often developed in climates unlike their own. With SeedLinked, farmers, gardeners, and other growers can connect and share information with other growers, seed producers, suppliers, and plant breeders to build healthier and more resilient agro-ecosystems.

“Anyone can be a part of this. We’ve tested the data quality, and it is more predictive of performance than traditional breeding methods,” said Dr. Enjalbert. “I am inspired by the passion, depth, and engagement exhibited by the people driving this emerging seed movement.”

Source: https://titletowntech.com/

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