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Ag Tech: Advanced Drone-Based Sensor for Vineyards by SkySquirrel Technologies.

SkySquirrel Technologies Inc. is a crop-analytics company that develops drone-based technology for monitoring crop health, with a primary focus on improving crop yields and reducing costs at commercial vineyards.

Whether you are a vineyard owner, viticulture consultant, researcher, or drone pilot, it can help you grow your business. Partner with SkySquirrel Technologies Inc. to raise the bar on grape quality and yield.

1. Easily Detect Grapevine Leaf roll Disease:
Speed & efficiency: Scan 20 ha (50 ac) in 24 minutes
Precision: Gather plant-level data with 95% accuracy
Proprietary technology solution: The only drone-based platform for diagnosing Grapevine Leaf roll Disease
Additional detection capabilities: Red blotch, Flavescence Doree, Esca, and Water Stress available in 2017

2. Make Better Crop Health Decisions:
At your fingertips: Get insightful, timely information to improve grape quality and yield and reduce costs associated with Harvest selection, Fertilizer optimization, Irrigation timing, Canopy management, Cultivation planning and Off-season vineyard planning.

Data accuracy: this technology goes further to take into account vineyard complexities such as row orientation, cover crop and atmospheric conditions.