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Advantages of Climate Control Automation

Agricultural automation is not only aimed at optimizing resources such as water or fertilizers, but also intervenes and is present in all stages of the cultivation process, regardless of whether the crop is grown in the open air or under glass. For example, in the case of greenhouse crops, the automation of climate control systems allows the creation of a controlled microclimate that benefits the correct development of the plant throughout its vegetative cycle, achieving a higher level of production and optimum growth.

Climate control technology offers the following advantages:

• Reduced risk of damage: associated with unfavorable climatic factors.

• Act with precision and speed on the factors that determine that right microclimate for the crop: ventilation, radiation, humidity, temperature and CO2 level.

• Allows the possibility of cultivating out of seasons: achieving greater production, quality and earliness of the crops.

• Better pest and disease control.

• Savings in irrigation water: controlling factors that affect the plant’s evapotranspiration.

• Greater comfort, safety and uniformity of work.

Nutricontrol, with its Mithra Clima Pro controller, offers the possibility of automatically controlling all the actuators present in the greenhouse. This equipment allows the synchronized management of the ventilation system (Windows and forced ventilation), heating (hot water pipes and heaters), screen (shading, thermal and darkening), humidification, destratification fans and CO2 dosing, taking into account the indoor and outdoor climatic variables that affect the greenhouse interior.


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