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Ag Techniques to Increase Medicinal Crop Produce.

Agriculture College of Indore is working on varietal development and agro techniques to enhance production of medicinal crops in the Madhya Pradesh state, with an aim to promote medicinal plantations in the region.

Enhancement of the production of medicinal crops is considered as a very important point now a days. In the past few years college developed varieties of medicinal plants and so this college has developed over 10 varieties.

From the different regions of the state, college has collected around 400 plant species and in the 8 years of period the college has developed 12 varieties of medicinal plants.

"The industry for medicinal plants is expanding with the demand for herbal products and ayurvedic companies increasing. The climate and land in the state is best suited for medicinal farming," said Dr DK Shrivastava, scientist at Agriculture College.

He also informed that, on better remuneration and increasing demand, the area under medicinal farming in the region is growing by over 10 percent per year.

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