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Daniel Royer Joins The AgTech Insight Team!

Aaron Magenheim, CEO of AgTech Insight states "Danny has been great to work with over the years as a grower customer so its exciting to have him join our team! He brings years of innovative, hands-on farming experience to our clients and knows how to get things done around the farm!"

Daniel Royer says "I am extremely excited to be working with AgTech Insight! While I have built a good understanding of systems and relationships across the West Coast, AgTech Insight broadens my network and the scope of the work I do. I am looking forward to seeing where our work takes us and the impact, we can have on the projects we work on!"

Meet Daniel Royer:
I love to build systems and have spent my career in places that have exposed me to a variety of systems that grow, process and package food. Most of my tangible experience has been in California’s San Joaquin Valley working for and with large growers and processors. During my 15 years of experience, my roles and projects have been focused on improving information workflows and improving process efficiencies in field operations. Integrating digital systems that serve field operations and also create information systems that feed administrative needs is a foundational component to experience.

Through my experience, I have developed modulated processes to evaluate an organization's current state, prioritize it’s opportunities & gaps, provide strategic plans and support the implementation of those plans. Lastly, I am on a never-ending quest to learn more about how growers are building their own solutions to problems and using solutions that are available on the open market.

To help tell that story I have started a YouTube Channel called the #AgTech_Trek. In each episode, I visit a different grower and take a look at how they are handling fundamental components of their operations like Irrigation, Pest Control & Crop Nutrition. I then break those episodes down into smaller segments I share on me @agtechleader Instagram TV Channel. A project of passion, but with a goal of helping growers find ways of overcoming common struggles.

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