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Bosch makes farms digital with sensors and connected platform

With farmers using sensors to determine the perfect time for harvesting, consulting apps to measure soil temperature, and steering automated tractors across fields, the market for agricultural technology is growing worldwide. It is also a lucrative field for Bosch.

From power train systems for tractors and hydraulic solutions for agricultural machinery to connected products for smart farming, the company is transferring automotive technology to agriculture, and is already generating sales worth 1 billion euros as a result. Moreover, this business is set to keep growing.

By the middle of the next decade, Bosch plans to double sales of technologies for agriculture. “Bosch can do more than cars and cordless screwdrivers. We are bringing high tech to farms, opening up a market worth billions,” says Dr. Markus Heyn, member of the Robert Bosch GmbH board of management.

Bosch’s business with agricultural technology is growing.

Bosch wants to make agriculture more sustainable and more efficient. The challenges are considerable, since the world is home to a constantly growing number of people. According to studies, the world’s population will total 8 billion by 2025. To feed people, more food needs to be grown. But the amount of arable land is not growing. That means farmers need to increase their yields. While one farmer fed 4 people in 1900, the figure now is 155 people – and that figure is on the rise


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