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Improving Summer Production of Strawberries in New Retractable Cooling House in Victoria, Australia

Australian Strawberry Distributors plants first crop in their new 4.2 hectare retractable cooling house
Jim Ripepi gives an overview of why he chose it for extending his strawberry season into the summer.

They thought about a Cravo for several years and did trials in conventional tunnels. While the tunnels performed well during the cooler winter conditions, the fruit became soft during the summer when temperatures and humidity levels increased and became excessive.

In order to be able to supply high quality strawberries during their 8 month season, they decided to go ahead with their first Cravo structure.

Australian Strawberry Distributors have been growing, packing and selling strawberries for 3 generations. They pack over 1.4 million trays per year and are able to supply strawberries 12 months per year since they have farms both in Victoria and Queensland.

With over 4 million strawberry plants under their belt, the varieties they grow include Albion, Peteluma, Grenada, Cabrillo, Fontarias, and Red Rhapsody, Parisienne and Monterrey.

Now with the addition of their retractable cooling roof, Australian Strawberry Distributors are continuing their leadership position in the berry industry.

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