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Myriad Mobile acquired ag technology company

Myriad Mobile (Myriad), a full-service mobile and web application development company, today announced it has acquired Omaha-based ag technology company iNet Solutions Group (iNet).

It’s a strategic union, as iNet has built out a robust web portal, Content Management System (CMS) and broad customer base in the ag industry with its FarmCentric platform that complements Myriad’s mobile grain platform, called Bushel™. Bushel is the grain industry’s first native automated mobile app platform for elevators and cooperatives to connect with their growers and deliver real-time actionable information via a custom elevator-branded mobile app.

Bushel currently serves more than 5,000 growers and more than 180 grain elevators across the Midwest and Canada. iNet, on the other hand, boasts serving more than three dozen grain companies accounting for nearly 700 elevator locations across the country including ag giants Gavilon, The Andersons and Merck. iNet also provides services for livestock, trade associations, publishers, ag retailers, market advisors and other agribusinesses.

“iNet really pioneered cloud-based technology in the agriculture space with the emerging of the Internet and the capabilities that enabled,” said Jake Joraanstad, co-founder and CEO. “They have built a talented team, strong customer base and an industry-leading web portal that complements our Bushel platform and strengthens the capabilities and product offering of both companies, presenting exponential benefits to our elevators, growers and the entire industry.”

iNet’s FarmCentric platform will continue serving its current customers, which include grain retailers and agriculture publishers. Myriad currently plans to keep Bushel’s offerings separate from FarmCentric. Future plans include integration in the areas where the platforms overlap on the grain retail side, in addition to continuing the platform for ag publishers under the FarmCentric brand. This will help combine the new value that Bushel brings to market and the great web platform that is FarmCentric.


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