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Telefonica promote the digitalization of farms in Spain

Madrid: Telefónica , through the Visualnacert group company dedicated to the agrotech sector, will promote the digitalization of farms in Spain in collaboration with the multinational John Deere .

This collaboration will materialize with the start-up of the Visual Green project, an automated field and cost notebook that allows the farmer to identify his costs quickly and accurately, and to increase the productivity of his farm.

Visualnacert has designed the Visual Green platform, which collects and processes telematically, automatically and in real time, all the data collected by John Deere's agricultural machinery to create a field notebook and an automated cost analysis of the farmer. It will help to digitize the management of your agricultural operation and reduce bureaucratic procedures.

Another of the differential factors of this project is that the Visualnacert platform is developed not only to connect with the John Deere tractor through its operations center, but also with all types of information systems such as drones, satellites , agroclimatic stations, humidity and temperature sensors to optimize water consumption, databases of phytosanitary products, information processing systems such as SAP HANA, etc.-, which allows you to lay the foundations for creating a massive repository of data, complete and structured, of the farm in Spain.

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