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IITM Pravartak and WayCool Foods Join Hands to bring Regenerative Agriculture Tech Stack to Farmers


The partnership will aim to further expand the offerings under IITM Pravartak’s RASA Stack to improve farmer income and profitability through education of climate smart agri practices

India, 31st May 2023: WayCool Foods, India's largest food & agri-tech platform, entered into a strategic partnership with IITM Pravartak to expand the offerings for farmers under IITM's RASA (Regenerative Agriculture Sustainable Architecture) tech stack. WayCool Foods, with its deep knowledge and on-ground expertise, will further enhance the agri-stack by providing innovative agri-focused solutions to create a strong ecosystem for regenerative agriculture in India. The MoU signed in the city will also enable both, WayCool Foods and IITM Pravartak, to synergise their offerings for the benefit of the farmers by helping them move towards a sustainable model of agriculture.

Through this newly signed MoU, WayCool Foods will provide technical solutions for seeding and expansion of the RASA stack. It will also offer its domain knowledge of the agri supply chain – from soil to sale and further strengthen the design and structuring of the agri-stack. The partnership will also aim to accumulate and disseminate knowledge amongst farmers about sustainable agri-practices.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Karthik Jayaraman, Managing Director - WayCool Foods, said, "Partnership with IITM Pravartak will further boost our continuing efforts towards driving adoption of regenerative agriculture amongst Indian farmers. Our on-field experience has demonstrated commercial benefits to farmers when they adopt regenerative agri practices thereby improving their income and profitability. IITM Pravartak’s RASA Stack is one of the country's best-in-class and comprehensive agri-stacks for regenerative farming. We are confident that synergies between WayCool Foods and IITM Pravartak will provide farmers with access to the most advanced technologies equipping them to take proactive measures to combat climate change as the Indian farmer prepares to feed the world."

IITM Pravartak developed and built The RASA Tech Stack in 2022. The tech-stack will aid the farmers in monitoring and fine-tuning their cultivation and harvest process proactively to realise maximum benefits. The stack will comprehensively address the entire Farm-to-Kitchen cycle, including pre-cultivation, cultivation, harvest, storage/shipment, marketing, and payment.

"We are thrilled to collaborate with WayCool Foods on this exciting initiative, which forms the basis of our economy," said IITM Pravartak CEO, Dr M.J.Shankar Raman. "Through this collaboration, we hope to create innovative solutions that can address some of the key challenges faced by the farming and agriculture industry today. By leveraging sensor technology and data science techniques, we believe we can help improve crop yield, reduce waste, and increase farmers' income. This will also create new opportunities for growth and innovation in this space."

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