Ams OSRAM’s OSLON® Cutting Edge Technology in Horticulture Lighting is Used by Revolution Microelectronics to Light Up GreenCare Collective’s New Futuristic Facility

08 March 2023 - Using OSRAM’s OSLON® Square platform and OSLON® SSL LEDs, Revolution Microelectronics has created a state-of-the-art lighting system, Avici.

Avici, based on the OSLON® Square platform powers GreenCare Collective’s 9,200 sqm facility in Millbury, Massachusetts, USA.

ams OSRAM (SIX: AMS), a global leader in optical solutions, today announced a horticulture lighting collaboration using the OSLON® Square platform and OSLON® SSL LEDs with the US-based controlled agriculture environment designer Revolution Microelectronics.

OSLON® Square, the high-compact power LED with superior robustness, high reliability, long lifetime and very low thermal resistance, and high performance OSLON® SSL LEDs are powering “Avici”, a state-of-the-art horticulture lighting system. Manufactured by Revolution Microelectronics, this system is lighting up GreenCare Collective´s 9,200 square meter horticulture facility in Millbury, Massachusetts.

Using a combination of 1W and 2W LED packages from ams OSRAM’s horticulture LED portfolio, GreenCare Collective’s advanced facility utilizes seasonal programmable spectrum controls and cutting-edge crop steering techniques to create a perpetual harvest methodology so efficient that it can produce an entire extra harvest of plants each year. A high light output and a fully programmable spectrum allows horticulturists to hone in on the specific phytochemical development and boost yield and increase terpene development.

LEDs from ams OSRAM deliver market-leading efficacy values. The OSLON® Square GH CSSRM5.24 offers a radiant flux of 1068 mW at 77% WPE and a photon flux of 5.83 µmol/s at an efficacy of 4.19 µmol/J at 700 mA. The efficacy advantages of ams OSRAM LEDs compared to traditional High Pressure Sodium lights (HPS) makes the switch from Mercury-filled light bulbs to environmentally-friendly LEDs also an ethical and economical option.

The innovative lighting fits the advanced horticulture production at the Millbury facility which begins with in-house tissue culture propagation and the streamlined work-flow that moves plants to highly-efficient mobile tables. An on-demand fertigation system artfully manages multiple different strains with twenty-four zones per room, giving precise and customised dosages of essential nutrients to produce top-of-the-line agricultural products.

The Avici system was recognized for its innovative gardening solution in the International Solid State Lighting Alliance's (ISA) top 100 outstanding innovations of 2022.

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