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Biome Makers’ Launches New Online Shop for Biological Soil Tests

06 Jan, 2023 - Farmers can now order biological soil tests in Biome Makers’ online store.

Biome Makers, global ag tech leaders in soil microbiology, announce a new online store where farmers and advisors can now order BeCrop® Test, an advanced biological soil test, directly from their website. This new element of eCommerce simplifies BeCrop® Test purchases with a quick and easy process and informs farmers and advisors about their soil’s health before the next growing season.

BeCrop® Test provides a user-friendly report on soil nutrient cycling, health, and biodiversity – with any crop on any field. The insights will enable farmers to decrease crop loss, reduce farming costs, better predict disease risks, and improve soil health.

Benefits of using BeCrop® Test:
● Analyze Yield Improvements
● Assess Nutrient Cycling
● Predict Disease Risks
● Monitor Farm Practices

Once an order is placed, farmers receive a sample kit and instructions on how to sample soil. Next, farmers ship the soil to Biome Makers, where they will process the soil samples using DNA sequencing and bioinformatics analysis.

Farmers will then receive detailed reports with their results and access to the BeCrop Portal, where one can view and download biological soil health reports and use digital tools to perform additional customized analyses.

Quick and easy biological soil health tests are available now. You can learn more and order your

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