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AgBiome Launches Optimized Crop Protection Solution, Howler® EVO

AgBiome Howler® EVO

Howler EVO fungicide gives growers a known biological tool with lower input requirements.

DECEMBER 8, 2023- AgBiome®, Inc., a leader in global microbial innovation, announced the launch of Howler® EVO fungicide, the next evolution in AgBiome’s fungicide technology. Howler EVO arms growers of high-value fruit and vegetable crops with a lower application rate solution for effective control with less input.

Howler EVO is an evolution of Howler® fungicide, which is a novel mode-of-action fungicide with multiple sites of action. Demonstrated through extensive field trials, research and grower usage, Howler fungicide provides superior, broad-spectrum control of key soilborne and foliar diseases that impact specialty crops such as apples, grapes, cucurbits, leafy vegetables and more. It delivers highly effective disease control with ultimate flexibility, including OMRI-list designation, zero-day pre-harvest interval, minimal restricted-entry interval and exemption from U.S. residue tolerances. Howler EVO fungicide provides the same strong performance with lower rates for growers, offering increased convenience.

Gary Cloud, an independent researcher and owner of GLC Consulting, conducted ten different trials of Howler EVO and measured the product’s mixability and efficacy across eight different crops and against eight key diseases at his research site in Georgia, both in the field and in the greenhouse.

“One of the biggest advantages of Howler EVO is that it goes in suspension very well. It’s almost instantaneous,” said Cloud. “With Howler EVO, you’re able to reduce the rate per acre and not sacrifice efficacy. Both of those are absolute win-wins for the grower.”

By covering the same number of acres with less product and packaging, AgBiome is empowering farmers to maximize their efficiency and minimize logistical challenges. Howler EVO is now packaged in a 15-pound bag compared to the 25-pound Howler fungicide bag.

“Continuous improvements in our fermentation and production processes over the past decade have allowed us to deliver an efficacious and more convenient product to growers,” said Gustavo Marcos, senior product manager at AgBiome. “We have worked with growers, agronomists and researchers to ensure we are providing the most effective and sustainable product to the market.”