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All Aussie Farmers can now QC their Grains for Free


GoMicro a deep-tech AI company, just released a free-to-use web app for detecting defects in grains: wheat, lentils, soy, and corn.

07/03/2024- GoMicro Ltd. is launching a groundbreaking web app that enable all farmers in Australia to assess the quality of grain using just their phone, with no additional device or even an app - just by opening up this web page on their phone.

“ Anything that can be assessed by eye can now be assessed by GoMicro” - claims Dr.Sivam Krish CEO of GoMicro Ltd.

The app is capable of identifying defects in wheat, lentils, soy, and corn. It is anticipated that all of Australia's export crops will soon be assessed using AI. The current app can assess over 1000 lentils in less than a minute. When used with the assessor device, which provides better lighting conditions, the same app can match human QC accuracies for lentil assessment, which is estimated to be between 95~98%.

The ability to assess defects on the farm will reduce the downgrade risks that farmers currently face when their trucks arrive at grain receivable sites. It will also enable them to store grains in appropriate bins to ensure that defects are within acceptable limits. The ability to assess weed seeds during harvest will enable farmers to apply herbicides more judiciously, saving significant input costs. GoMicro has partnered with AICraft and Walco Seed Cleaning to develop an edge-powered (AI on chip) general-purpose on-machine assessment device currently undergoing tests. This innovation will not only enable farmers to QC their harvest as it happens, but when attached to augers, it will also enable them to QC the entire truckload.

Current quality assessment standards are determined by the Grain Trade Association (GTA) of Australia, which has recently committed to setting the “Road Rules” for AI Assessment. Most standards are weight-based. GoMicro is currently focusing on counting defects and plans to deploy weight-based paid apps that will comply with GTA standards once the road rules for AI assessment are established. It's current defect count app will be add supported.

The advent of AI-driven grain assessment marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of agricultural practices. With five Australian companies spearheading AI technologies for grain assessment, the days of manual QC are numbered. Sivam Krish envisions a future where AI not only surpasses human accuracy but also continually improves through millions of grain assessments, ensuring unparalleled precision and reliability. GoMicro’s AI app has been used by PB Agrifood for over a year to assess soy quality. Companies in Indonesia are also using it to assess corn and coffee quality.

“The analysis was fast and looks pretty accurate,” says Emma Leonard, an Eyre Peninsula farmer who tested the app. “ I am very impressed with the accuracy of this AI app. It's a great tool for farmers, and I can see a real benefit in the use of it” says Jason McDonald, a farmer from Roseworth SA, who tested the lentil app. GoMicro’s mentor, Ben Benhurst, in the FarmerstoFounders (F2F) program, had this to say “ We firmly believe that GoMicro will have a positive, transformative impact on the grains value chain.”

"Australian grain farmers are poised to reap the greatest rewards from this technology," remarks Sivam Krish, because Australian farmers are tech-savvy and because many of them are already optimising grain blends for enhanced market value through online platforms - which was previously done by grain corporations.

GoMicro's AI technology will help them address the unique requirements of each buyer, ensuring reliability, transparency, and quality, helping them maximise the value of what they grow under increasingly demanding conditions to supply an increasingly globally competitive export market.

About GoMicro Ltd.:
GoMicro Ltd. is a deep-tech AI company dedicated to revolutionising agricultural practices through innovative solutions. With a focus on empowering farmers and enhancing efficiency, GoMicro strives to drive positive change across the agricultural landscape.