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AI Powered Grain Assessment: GoMicro Launches its Enterprise Version

GoMicro, a South Australian AgTech company, will be demonstrating its Enterprise level grain Assessment Solution to industry leaders at the AGIC conference in Melbourne.

26/07/2023- Australia is a significant player in the global grain and pulse export market and has built a reputation for quality based on setting stringent export standards that are adhered to by the industry. Grain quality control (QC) plays a crucial role in ensuring the consistency and value of traded agricultural commodities.

However current QC processes take time and can be both subjective and expensive. GoMicro has developed a groundbreaking assessment solution using Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is reliable, cost-effective and fast. Using a smartphone, test results are available in less than a minute.

set by GoMicro’s patent-pending imaging technology makes it possible to achieve high accuracy while only requiring a small number of images for training. In addition to a range of standard cereal and pulse grain quality metrics, GoMicro is also now able to assess variety, helping validate proprietary seed breeding programs and endpoint royalties.

GoMicro has developed a smartphone-based solution for farmers that supports grain marketing for on-farm grain storage. Enterprise solutions are being developed for a range of industry partners, addressing key challenges in receivals, processing and export that require a robust, accurate and reliable option. GoMicro’s soy assessment technology is being used by BP Agrifood Ltd. since Feb 20222 and is being trialled by an international Italian QC company. Its corn assessment technology is currently undergoing pre-release testing for deployment for one of the largest poultry companies in Indonesia.

According to Dr.Sivam Krish, CEO and Co-Founder of GoMicro, “Our aim is to bring a cost-effective, agile solution that connects the dots”. He believes that Phone-based AI will enable his company to achieve just that - bringing great benefits to the Australian Grain Industry.