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Ag Tech: A Ground-breaking New Planter Attachment AccuShot™ By Great Plains.

With input costs high and corn prices low, to reduce costs without risking yield, today’s corn growers are searching for any way possible.

AccuShot™ is a ground-breaking new planter attachment with economic, environmental and agronomic benefits. Great Plains Introduces AccuShot™ at the National Farm Machinery Show.

For the first time ever, corn farmers can deliver the right dose of liquid seed treatment, right in the furrow, right at planting time. The revolutionary AccuShot system is ideal for starter fertilizer or growth promoter application. After further testing, insecticide and fungicide may be added to that list.

AccuShot can minimize waste: Each seed receives precisely what it needs and nothing more. AccuShot maintains a constant dose per seed, no matter how fast or slow the tractor travels, no matter how much the seed population varies.

AccuShot is safer for the environment: Using less product not only reduces cost, but also reduces water contamination from leaching or erosion. AccuShot can maximize early corn development and optimize long-term health: Starter fertilizer is injected at a close yet safe distance from each seed at planting. That means 100% of the fertilizer is immediately available to the growing feeder roots.

The operator-friendly AccuShot system is designed to work with both single and twin-row Great Plains planters. It is currently available through select authorized Great Plains dealers.

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