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Ag Tech Products: Promethean’s Cold Storage System

Promethean cooling solution for farm produce is a hybrid system capable of running on grid power as well as solar power. This stationary cooling system can be fixed to an existing cold storage facility allowing it to chill farm produce under erratic grid condition without requiring a diesel generator.

The breakthrough technology that enables this feature is a Thermal Storage System (TSS) that stores energy when grid power is available and cools the fresh produce when power is not available.

By eliminating diesel, Promethean F&V cooling solution provides the most cost effective way of collecting top quality farm produce from farms where grid power is erratic.

It has following features:
1. Cooling farm produce at the source.
2. Cold Storage Backup
3. Simple flexible Design

It has following Benefits:
1. First cool then transport principle enables longer shelf life and higher margins on premium quality produce.
2. Eliminates post-harvest losses.
3. Eliminates diesel generator.
4. Low maintenance & operating.
5. Unlike electrical batteries, thermal battery does not need to be replaced every 3 to 5 years.
6. Single phase connection at farms.


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