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Farm Dog Technology's IPM Platform Saves Growers and Advisors Time

TEL AVIV, Israel: The public launch of platform that enables Integrated Pest Management (IPM) adoption, announced by Farm Dog, a precision agriculture company. Use of this platform saves 45 minutes per day for growers and their trusted advisors.

On pest and disease management, growers spend up to 20% of operating expenses, yet due to pest and disease still experience 20% to 40% annual crop loss. And even with increased scrutiny on pesticides and their use, the pesticide market is expected to grow to $80 billion per year by 2020, driving growers to search for more effective tools to counter threats to their crops.

An easy and affordable way to implement best practices in IPM provided to growers and their advisors by Farm Dog. As a result of using Farm Dog, the company's first users also identified savings of up to 45 minutes per day.

The in-field application and web dashboard drive data collection and communication, while data analytics provides insights such as treatment efficacy. Farm Dog is currently in use on fields supplying crops to companies such as Costco, Walmart, McDonald's, and Subway, and is one of a few companies to have integrated with John Deere.

For its public launch the company placed extra emphasis on an easy on boarding process and affordable pricing model, complementing the underlying precision agriculture technology. CEO and co-founder, Liron Brish said, "From its founding, Farm Dog's guiding mission has been that no farm should be left behind. Our registration process is instantaneous, giving our users the ability to start days, and sometimes weeks, before they would be able to on other platforms."

In addition, to a majority of growers, Farm Dog is available for free. Brish also added, "Every grower should have the opportunity to increase yields while reducing pesticide usage, no matter the acreage, which is why our world-class solution is also financially in-reach for all growers. We look forward to building long-term relationships with all of our users."


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