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Ag Tech:FieldView Pro Ag Tech Service by Climate Corporation.

The Climate Corporation aims to build a digitized world where every farmer is able to optimize and flawlessly execute every decision on the farm. The company's proprietary Climate FieldView platform combines hyper-local weather monitoring, agronomic modeling, and high-resolution weather simulations to deliver Climate FieldView products, mobile SaaS solutions that help farmers improve profitability.

Product: FieldView™ Pro

FieldView™ Pro, is a powerful decision support tool that helps farmers to make more informed decisions. FieldView Pro helps to stop problems before they impact yield and improve efficiency with smart, field-level information. Insights from FieldView Pro build on the field intelligence provided by FieldView™ Prime for a feature-rich, decision support tool.

Nitrogen Monitoring- (Advanced Tracking)
- Prevent crop stress instead of simply reacting to it
- See field-level nitrogen supplies based on applications, crop stage and weather, along with how much N crops will require
- Explore custom scenarios to determine the smartest amount of N to apply and the best time to do it
- New for 2017: Monitor nitrogen by customizable zones to better understand nitrogen levels in your field

Field Health (Informed Scouting)
- Use in-season and historical field imaging to evaluate crop health and identify issues before they impact yield
- Prioritize scouting activities and save time by identifying which areas need your attention before heading into the field
- Get a new perspective on how decisions are impacting crops and a head start on planning for next year

Script Creation (Increase productivity with a simple, easy-to use script creation tool)
- Use soil maps to easily identify management zones and generate variable seeding rate prescriptions
- Execute these prescriptions on your equipment of choice
- Collaborate with your trusted advisor to create custom prescriptions

Yield Analysis (Assess seed performance and prepare for next season)
- Analyze yield by soil and seed type in each field, so you can make the best decisions for next season.


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