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Foliar Blend Super Fertilizer in India by Sumitomo Corp

A revolutionary product in the field of agriculture was launched by Sumitomo Corporation, Japan, in collaboration with Roshni Crop Sciences Pvt Ltd. Foliar Blend represents a new generation of technology, containing complex carbohydrates, essential plant micro-nutrients like Cobalt, Manganese, Zinc, Boron and Magnesium and nutritional supplements not found in ordinary N-P-K fertilizers.

Foliar Blend is derived from Stabilized Oxygen, Complex carbohydrates, Chelating Agents, Natural Plant Extracts, Enzymes, Amino Acids, plus Plant and Soil Stimulants which are derived microbially from naturally occurring bacteria and fungi.

Foliar Blend increases the microbial population in the soil which converts the unavailable form of plant nutrients to available form, which helps the plant to uptake, increasing the water holding capacity and improves the soil health.

Foliar Blend is a product manufactured by AgriGro in United States of America, exported by Summit agro International Ltd, Japan, and with Roshni Crop Sciences Pvt Ltd., marketing it in India.

Extensive testing was conducted on the products in various Agricultural Research Centres and Laboratories and the reports were presented to government entities including Govt of India and Govt of AP.

Roshni Crop Sciences plans to introduce many more innovative agri products in India which have a great potential in increasing growth and yield of the crops. These include specialty nutrient fertilizers, agro chemicals and water soluble fertilizers, in a phased manner.

Mr. A.V.N.Reddy said that his mission is to provide sustainable, cutting edge technologies that help the farmers to improve soil quality and crop production by maximizing the biological performance. He also mentioned that one should think in deeper way to grow microbes not only crops, then only the soil health will be improved.


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