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N-TEGRATION™ Technology Launched by KOCH Agronomic Services.

WICHITA, Kan., USA – A process technology platform designed to enable production of enhanced efficiency fertilizers at urea manufacturing facilities. N-TEGRATION™ Technology launched by Koch Agronomic Services, LLC (KAS).

N-TEGRATION™ Technology is now available for license to global fertilizer manufacturers that qualify. This technology platform offers producers the ability to integrate proprietary additives into the urea prilling or granular manufacturing process.

For above and below ground protection, this creates homogeneous, enhanced efficiency fertilizers which shield against nitrogen loss through volatilization and nitrification.

N-TEGRATION™ Technology is a proprietary platform for urea manufacturers that want to differentiate themselves by producing value-added products, committing to best practices and placing a priority on quality in their nitrogen fertilizer manufacturing and product offerings.

Producers who qualify will benefit from a program that works in close relationship with their quality and branding efforts to promote their product brand and the N-TEGRATION™ Technology manufacturing process in a clear and confident manner.

The following additional components are provided to ensure a successful licensing experience:
-Technology Transfer: A process design package and supporting technical services to ensure a successful design, implementation and start-up of the N-TEGRATION™ Technology process at the licensees’ facilities. The scope of technical services ranges from site assessment to process design to detail design support to facilitation of performance testing aimed to achieve product quality and capacity requirements.

-Additive Supply: Sales and delivery of all proprietary KAS additives necessary for the production of enhanced efficiency fertilizers.

-Marketing & Sales Support: If requested by the licensee, the development and supply of marketing tools, and related sales and agronomy support, to create end-user excitement about the homogeneous, enhanced efficiency fertilizer products.

-On-Going Product Development: As evidenced by the significant investment in an N-TEGRATION™ Technology pilot plant in Sylacauga, Alabama, KAS is committed to developing additional enhanced efficiency fertilizers that can be produced from the N-TEGRATION™ Technology platform.

President of Koch Agronomic Services, LLC, Chase Koch said “There is a need in the market for advantaged and innovative solutions that meet our customers’ evolving plant nutrient needs. It is our goal to align with manufacturers that desire to differentiate themselves by producing high quality value-added nitrogen fertilizers.”

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