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New Sugarcane Harvester Austoft 4000 by New Holland.

New Holland Fiat India, announced the launch of its new sugar cane harvester Austoft 4000. Designed specifically for small and medium sized landholdings, the versatile machine represents an innovative solution that sets industry standards in the sugar cane business.

Austoft specifications:
- Engine Power(HP) : 170 horsepower

- Weight: 7 tones

- Capacity: capable of efficiently harvesting 60 tonnes per hour.

- Built for maximum performance, the Austoft 4000 demonstrates its versatility by harvesting both four and five feet plantations.

This new harvester aims to meet the specific needs of Indian farmers especially in the states such as Gujarat, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh.

This is an ideal solution for farmers who have light soils to plant at four feet and at the same time who can still reap benefits of mechanization, realizing a significant gain in crop's productivity.

Austoft 4000 Features and Benefits
- A compact harvester

- Designed specially to make it possible to streamline the harvesting process in sugarcane fields that use reduced four feet row spacing.

- Represents the pioneering spirit of Case IH.

- Working in four feet rows, this machine is narrow enough to harvest one row without compacting the root zone of the adjacent cane row.

- Due to machines width, tires do not run over cane stubble with no damage of ratoon crop.

- The light Austoft 4000 possesses outstanding maneuverability and has an excellent base cut resulting in reduced cane loss. The base cutter of the Austoft 4000 has been developed to enable the machine to cut flush at ground level, thus collecting the bottom part of the sugarcane which is usually left by manual labor. Featuring the innovative billet technology, the chopping mechanism on board not only helps in cleaning cane trash, but also unloads cane billets directly into trolleys, therefore reducing labor and without the need for extra equipment to load the cane.

- The Case IH Austoft 4000 can be used to efficiently remove tops which can be easily baled for animal feed.

- Cane trash left by harvester can be quickly collected by balers and transported to cogeneration/bio mass plants.

- The chopped cane trash expelled from the Austoft 4000 acts as an excellent source of mulching, a precious source of organic matter for light soils plus water retention.

- Easy to use and reliable machine represents an unique solution for farmers who want to capitalize on strong sugar pricing with an unmatched cost-benefits relationship.

Austoft 4000 sugar cane harvesters embody technological innovations that provide excellent cane quality to the mill, while keeping costs low and ensuring excellent productivity.

Austoft 4000 is also being introduced in Africa, South East Asia and China.


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