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RHA Ventures Commits Investment in Harvest Corp Technologies, Accelerating Agricultural Harvesting Robotics.

RHA Ventures

London,ON April 19, 2024 – RHA Ventures Inc, a leading venture capital firm specializing in agri-food and technology enabled innovations, proudly announces its investment in Harvest Corp Technologies, a pioneer in agricultural harvest robotics. This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone in advancing harvest automation and reducing manual labor in the horticulture sector.

Harvest Corp Technologies has garnered attention for its cutting-edge solutions aimed at optimizing crop harvesting, reducing the need for manual labor, and enhancing overall efficiency in agricultural operations. With a focus on leveraging robotics, artificial intelligence, data analytics, and precision agriculture techniques, Harvest Corp Technologies is at the forefront of transforming traditional harvesting methods in labor intensive crops like asparagus. The asparagus harvesting robot will be demonstrated this summer and commercially launched for 2025 season.

Commenting on the investment, Joe Dales, Founding Partner at RHA Ventures, expressed enthusiasm about the company, stating, "We are thrilled to support the Harvest Corp Technologies team in their mission to help farmers harvest their crops more efficiently. Their innovative robotics systems, driven by advanced technologies, align perfectly with our vision of investing in disruptive ventures that have the potential to make a profound impact on feeding the world.

The support from RHA Ventures will enable Harvest Corp Technologies to accelerate product development, launch their new products, and expand its market reach. Additionally, the partnership will provide access to RHA Ventures; extensive network of industry experts and strategic advisors, further fueling Harvest Corp Technologies' growth trajectory. We are delighted to welcome RHA Ventures as a strategic investor," said Rick Derycke, Founder and CEO of Harvest Corp Technologies. "This investment not only validates the significance of our technology but also supports us to commercialize at an accelerated pace. We are also excited to have a base in the future at the AgRobotics Working Group Laboratory at The Grove at Western Fair ( ) and with that additional support, we are well-positioned to help our farmer customers."

About RHA Ventures Inc. - Founders For Founders. ( www.RHA.Ventures ) RHA Ventures (“RHA”) is a boutique investment company with a “Founders for Founders” approach to business. With decades of collective operational experience, our firm’s partners bring seasoned, hands-on support with go-to market approaches, commercial development, growth and exit strategies. RHA helps founders and entrepreneurs identify the most valuable market opportunities and scale their companies for sustainable growth. RHA leverages our core group of founders (business owners / entrepreneurs), our extensive network of mentors, industry connections, and investors to help entrepreneurs gain visibility, establish strategic relationships, and build successful companies.

RHA Ventures is a key investor and a General Partner of the 519 Growth Funds The 519 Growth Funds were launched in 2022 to support innovations in early stage, growth-focused companies that are technology-enabled with demonstrated recurring revenue, market acceptance and a defensible market position.

About Harvest Corp Technologies: Harvest Corp Technologies is a pioneering agricultural automation and robotics company that specializes in leveraging advanced robotics to enhance crop harvesting. By combining cutting-edge technology with deep industry expertise, Harvest Corp Technologies is demonstrating their latest harvesting innovation in horticultural crops such as asparagus.