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Robotics Plus’ Prospr a finalist in Fieldays Innovation Awards 2024

Robotics Plus Fieldays Innovation Awards 2024

Fieldays Innovation Hub: 12-15 June 2024
Robotics Plus and other Fieldays Innovation Awards participants will be exhibiting at the Fieldays Innovation Hub at Mystery Creek, Hamilton, between June 12 and 15, 2024.

Robotics Plus has been named a finalist in the Growth & Scale Category of the 2024 Fieldays Innovation Awards for Prospr, our latest innovation.

Prospr is a robust, autonomous, hybrid, multi-use modular vehicle platform for agriculture. Prospr automates a variety of tree crop and vineyard tasks, including precision automated spraying - to improve efficiency and sustainability and alleviate labour challenges.

Steve Saunders, Co-founder and Chief Executive of Robotics Plus says, “Thinking big and looking to solve global, scalable problems is what drives us at Robotics Plus. Being named a finalist in these iconic primary innovation awards is a fantastic acknowledgement for our world-class team, partners and customers who have been on the journey to develop Prospr with us.

“Agriculture is time-critical, and with Prospr, we’ve combined deep domain expertise to benefit growers. The result is an automated solution that has the smarts to do the job and keep doing it better, helping create a more sustainable and successful agricultural sector.”

The Fieldays Innovation Awards are a globally renowned awards programme and the ultimate launch platform for primary innovation in New Zealand. Judged by a panel of 15 sector experts, the Awards showcase some of the agricultural industry's most innovative ideas and technologies.


The aptly named Prospr revolutionises agricultural operations by offering continuous operation capabilities, adaptability to growers' needs and significant reductions in emissions, inputs and reliance on scarce machine operators. Prospr accommodates multiple swappable tools, including newly released tower sprayers for grapes, apples, or tree crops - and other tools under development. Depending on the day's work, the right tool for the job is attached to the vehicle.

Multiple Prosprs can collaborate in a fleet to get the job done – amplifying impact and enabling seamless scalability. Prospr uses a combination of perception systems to sense the environment to execute tasks that traditionally require human intervention—taking people out of harmful spray environments and enabling data-driven insights.

Prospr was commercially launched in September 2023 and is already being used by vineyards and apple growers in NZ, Australia and the US. Prospr is exclusively available from Croplands in Australasia.


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