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Ostara Secures Certified Organic Registration of Recovered Nutrients for Crop Production

Farmers in the EU Can Grow Crops Sustainably with Crystal Green Pearl®
ST. LOUIS (APRIL 19, 2024) – Ostara Europe (UK) LTD has secured the world’s first, pure struvite, fully recovered crop nutrition source approved for use in alignment with the rigorous standards of the EU organic legislation and the Dutch Input list. Crystal Green Pearl® is now registered for use in certified organic farming in both Austria and the Netherlands.

“This certification signifies our deep commitment to globally foster sustainable, efficient and environmentally friendly farming practices,” says Monty Bayer, chief executive officer at Ostara. “Crystal Green Pearl perfectly aligns with EU organic standards, marking a significant step forward in the journey towards increasingly sustainable agriculture.”

Crystal Green Pearl is a granular fertilizer with an analysis of 5% Nitrogen (N), 28% Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5), and 10% Magnesium/16% Magnesium Oxide (MgO). This one-of-a-kind fertilizer source is produced with Ostara’s nutrient recovery solutions that recover nutrients from wastewater and prevent excess, water soluble nutrients from entering global water systems.

“Conventional phosphate fertilizers are inefficient, a finite resource and can be harmful to the environment. With Crystal Green Pearl, we’re closing the phosphorus loop by taking the nutrients from wastewater and producing a high-efficiency fertilizer that meets the needs of both organic and conventional growers while protecting the environment,” Bayer adds.

Crystal Green Pearl is minimally water-soluble, although it’s 100% soluble in weak organic acids naturally exuded from plants. This maximizes nutrient availability and eliminates the environmental issues often associated with conventional, water-soluble fertilizers. Crystal Green Pearl is the only sustainable crop nutrition source that is entirely free from animal byproducts and aligned with the standards of modern organic agriculture.

About Ostara | Crystal Green
Ostara’s Crystal Green® fertilizers are the first and only highly efficient phosphate fertilizers to release nutrients in response to crop demand. Crystal Green fertilizers are proven to maximize yield, enhance soil health and significantly reduce phosphate tie-up, runoff and leaching, thereby improving food security while protecting the environment. Crystal Green fertilizers play a key role in the agriculture and turf & ornamental sectors through a network of established retailers and distributors in North America and Europe. To learn more about Ostara’s crop nutrition and wastewater treatment portfolio, please visit

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