AgTech: DNA or Genome Sequencing by Pioneer

DNA sequencing technology is used by Dupont pioneer to determine the nucleotide sequence of genes or regions of the genome important for trait improvement. Sequence information allows our researchers to understand the function of specific genes, the genome itself and helps us improve plant breeding and product development systems.

This technology helped to develop Pioneer brand products already in the market and is assisting our researchers to accelerate and better characterize emerging products. Sequence-based applications are being deployed at significantly reduced costs with higher throughput and precision when compared to traditional assays.

Technology location: North America with global applications, including support and infrastructure for other business units.

Crops: Corn, Soybeans, Canola, Rice, Sunflower, Sorghum, and Wheat

The application of DNA sequencing technology to native trait discovery is actively used at Pioneer. The technology identifies gene sequences and is used to create dense genetic and physical maps that help us better understand where a specific gene or trait is located. This allows for the identification of specific genes or traits and the development of DNA-based diagnostic markers to aid breeding and purity testing programs.

The wide adoption of low-cost, ultra-high throughput sequencing platforms has expanded the scope and applications of this technology in gene characterization and mapping of markers for our breeding programs. Productivity gains, precision breeding, and new gene discovery have led to quicker and more advanced product development. DNA sequencing is an enabling technology that helps Pioneer deliver the right product to the right acre.

Source : Pioneer