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Agroptima to Easily Manage Farm Every day.

Agroptima is the easiest way to manage your farm every day. It keep records of your daily activities from the field. Easily record all farm activities: planting, spraying, harvesting. Log all your daily activities from your phone. Agroptima helps you stay up to date.

Agroptima App works offline, so if you have limited internet connection in the field it will work. Use your data to make better decisions. All your records are backed up in your web profile.
Agroptima helps you have a complete overview of your farm: visualize your fields, plan your crops, keep track of your machinery and workers and much more.

It is a tool which is designed by farmers. Save time working on-the-go. You can work offline. All your data is synchronized with your Agroptima profile. You can get home with all information organized. Forget about timesheets and paper.

Easily prepare and print personalized reports like phytosanitary use, working hours, harvests, etc.

You can track and plan everything using Agroptima. Keep up with all activities done in your farm, from your phone. It will save time, working from the fields, even offline. It easily manage your inventory, so turn your data into better decision.

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