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"Speak Up" - PFAS/PFOS Content and Analyzes of Food & Beverages

Date and Time: 2 Nov 2022, 15.30

Venue : Hall K at FoodTech 2022
Event is Offered By : Eurofins Steins Laboratorium A/S

Hear Eurofins Steins Laboratorium Adm. Director, Jeanette Obling, tell more about legislation from the EU on PFAS/PFOS content in food, which is under consultation.

Eurofins has analyzed a number of different products for PFAS/PFOS and developed analysis methods for testing. An overview of expected future legislation and findings as well as analysis options are reviewed.

At Eurofins Steins Laboratorium, we offer to test various foods for PFAS/PFOS content. among others: meat and eggs, milk, fish, shellfish, as well as fruit and vegetables, fodder and agricultural crops.

At Eurofins Milk Testing A/S, we also offer to test blood from live animals and cattle before slaughter.

Our accredited laboratories can analyze the presence of around 50 different PFAS substances throughout the food supply chain.


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