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DigiHort: Flipping The Role Of Digital Twins For Future Horticultural Systems.

Date: Tue 20 Sept 2022

Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Organized By : University Of New England.
Admission : Please register via website.
Location : Online Seminar.
Contact : Prof. David Lamb

Imagine knowing how well light will be captured across the orchard before planting a single tree! Or being able to precisely target spraying to minimize off-target agrochemical drift. And all of this before you turn the first sod on building your orchard. That's the aim of the 'DigiHort' research at the QAAFI Center for Horticulture Science.

Dr Liqi Han will talk about the research that aims to deliver digital-twin technologies, powered by high performance computing and artificial intelligence, to “optimize actions via computer simulations before acting in the real world”. This is about flipping the traditional role of digital twins; namely mimicking the real world. Here we seek to create a real twin to emulate a digital twin.


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