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First DNA-based traceability systems for fertilizer

PLEASANTON, Calif./PRNewswire/ -- SafeTraces, Inc. Announced the delivery of the world's first DNA-based traceability systems for fertilizer to twenty manufacturers in an unnamed NATO member country. Illegal diversion, tax evasion, misuse, and adulteration plague many global commodities. SafeTraces' patented D-ART 3000 systems set a new standard in undetectable, unbreakable, cost-effective tagging of high volume goods. The first twenty systems are part of a multi-system order with additional deliveries planned in the coming months.

The company's D-ART 3000 systems are seamlessly integrated into fertilizer bag-filling lines and mix a unique 'DNA Barcode' into each bag, totaling millions of unique DNA Barcodes each year. Coupled with a blockchain-based or centralized code registry system, SafeTraces™ DNA Barcodes create unbreakable links between physical objects and their digital certificates, enabling transaction recording and rapid verification at any point in the supply chain. When used with most commodities, SafeTraces™ DNA Barcodes will be stable for over two years. The D-ART 3000 system is part of SafeTraces' complete solution that includes DNA Barcode customization and dispensing, DNA Barcode tracking systems, test instruments, and test kits.

"The D-ART 3000 is the first system that brings DNA tagging from the laboratory to industrial settings," said Anthony Zografos, CEO of SafeTraces. "We developed an easy-to-use, yet robust and low-cost solution that includes FDA approved, food-grade DNA Barcodes. We are putting the power of modern molecular technologies in the hands of industrial customers and end users. The response from customers in a wide range of industries has been universally enthusiastic."

SafeTraces is actively marketing the D-ART 3000 system to fertilizer manufacturers and government organizations in Africa, Asia, and Europe. In addition, the company is demonstrating the solution for traceability and source assurance in sustainable commodities, such as palm oil, oil seeds, and beans. "Mislabeling of sustainable products is a worldwide problem," said Zografos, "as ingredients pass through multiple intermediaries between growers and processors. Products are mixed or replaced along the supply chain with non-certified substitutes, putting a brand's sustainability claims into question. The only solution is greater supply chain transparency, and SafeTraces provides unparalleled source assurance, even in the most complex supply chains."

Source: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases

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