AgTech- Micronutrient Rich Crop Mix From Winfield

Crop Mix 2 LS contains sulfur, boron, copper, manganese and zinc that helps to correct nutrient deficiencies in a number of crops.

This granular lignosulfonate plant nutrient is easily blended with granular bulk fertilizers for convenient application.

Application: 7.5-30 lb/acre

These products may be used on many different crops. Rate information provided is a range and not specific to one crop. Always read and follow label directions for all specific crop, rate and use information.


Crop Micronutrient Supplementation

Most micronutrients influence growth. For example, manganese (Mn), iron (Fe) and copper (Cu) all influence photosynthesis, the process whereby plants use sunlight for growth.

Iron deficiencies are common – for example in seed fruits – where the effect is to reduce production of chlorophyll. As a result, crops struggle and younger leaves develop a severe yellowing or chlorosis.

Boron (B) is needed for the development of shoots and roots, and is essential during the flowering and fruiting phases of crops.

Zinc (Zn) is needed for the production of important plant hormones, like auxin. Zinc deficiency leads to structural defects in leaves and other plant organs.

Molybdenum (Mo) is involved in plant enzyme systems that control nitrogen metabolism.

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